Our vision is to grow value together!

Why We Work

Our target is helping local existing and new corner entrepreneurs run or establish their business. Most of all release from complex daily accounting and administration management. Our vision is to grow value together with our customers. Our mission is to help business owners to be relaxed and earn 30% more time for your personal interest or with your family.

How We Work

Our cornerstones are flexibility and efficiency. We can come to your workplace or support you remotely over the web. Value Tree Accounting is here to keep the day to day running of your business while you get on with managing and growing it.

Cloud Computing Keeps Us In Close Contact

We are able to work with dental practices in any location thanks to our cloud computing technology. First of all, we host your financial records in our secure data center so that we are always working from a single live file. Even though our staff maintains your records on a weekly basis, you have access to the books 24/7 from any computer. Therefore the results are a very convenient, timely, secure and transparent accounting system. As a result, it makes it seem as if we are right next door.
This chart shows how the process of maintaining your practice books is accomplished each month by our firm. Our proven dental practice accounting system provides efficiency and convenience for you and your staff. By allowing our accountants to maintain your financial records independently each week.
Who We Work With

We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have worked with industries from marketing and event management through to travel, letting, hospitality, repairs, animation, nano-technology and everything in between.

Whether our associates are working with a freelancer, sole-trader, SME or international company, we love to shoulder the business burden, giving them the time to do what they love, and watch them flourish.

William Yang

William Yang


Founded by William Yang in 2017, Value Tree Accounting is a team of highly experienced finance and business support specialists in Moncton, NB.

We're passionate about providing stress-busting and time-saving solutions to businesses with big ambitions but precious little spare time.

We want to set you free from the time consuming and repetitive tasks that prevent you from focusing on income generation. We provide tailor-made bookkeeping, admin, social media and business support packages as and when they are needed.  Whether it's for a one-off project or an ongoing contract basis. Contact Value Tree Accounting.  Accounting Services, Tax Preparation, QuickBooks Support, Corporation Tax Filing and Consulting Services in Greater Moncton. Together We Grow the Value! Tel:1-506-899-2577 or  accounting@valuetree.ca


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